Home Cleaning Schedule: What To Clean and When To Do It

I’m fortunate that I’m one of those weird people that enjoy cleaning. It’s not so much the actual cleaning that I enjoy, but more so the finished product. I like looking at a room and knowing what it looked like before, and admiring the after- and just knowing that my home is clean and presentable.

Fortunately, if you’re not one of these people, there are ways to reduce the workload so that it doesn’t all fall on Sunday afternoon. A cleaning schedule might seem like the last thing you want to spend the time making, but it will help spread the tasks out and ensure that your home is keeping you healthy- not making you sick.


  • wipe down commonly used surfaces (kitchen and bathroom counters)
  • tidy behind you
  • one thing off your weekly list


  • vacuum x2
  • swiffer
  • laundry x2
  • wash sheets
  • wash towels
  • wipe down all surfaces (counters, shelves, tables, handles and knobs, toilet etc..)


  • wash your couch cushion covers, blankets and throws
  • wash and change any litter boxes
  • wash windows


  • wash comforter and mattress cover
  • wash curtains
  • clean fridge
  • clean oven

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