Drugstore vs. High End – Highlighter Reviews

There are some products you should splurge on, and others where it’s okay to take shortcuts- sometimes they’re even better than the high end brands. I don’t like to skimp on skincare, but when it comes to highlighter, it turns out more money, doesn’t always mean more glow.

MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter $39.00
I used this highlighter for a decent amount of time, and the longer I used it, the more I realized it didn’t work for me. It’s a popular product, looks great on others, but my skin is too fair for it- and ends up with more of an orange-y streak than a highlight. It has a decent amount of pigment, but I didn’t end up finding the right shade in MAC highlighters for me, and for the price, you can do better.

Benefit Watt’s Up $40.00
If your skin is flawless and hydrated 24/7, this is a great highlighter for you. For us normal people, it’s maybe a highlighter better suited for the summer months. The colour is great, and has just the right amount of sparkle- but the texture can be problematic. Because it’s a cream highlighter (in a stick) any textural issues your skin might be having, will shine right through with this highlighter.

TheBalm Mary-Louminizer $22-$34

This highlighter will always remain my favourite- and is the one I consistently go back to, when the new one I tried out has failed me. The texture isn’t chalky or powdery, and the highlight is super pigmented and blends in perfectly.
The trick with this highlighter, is to snag it when the price is right- which is obviously on Amazon. I’ve seen it fluctuate from $34.00 (highest) to $22.00, so keep it in your cart, and pull the trigger when the price drops.

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