Restringing a Links of London Sweetie Bracelet

How To Restring a Links of London Sweetie Bracelet

Nothing like buying a piece of jewellery that comes with required maintenance- am I rite? Luckily it’s nothing a little Amazon, YouTube and previous retail experience can’t fix. Welcome to owning a Links of London Sweetie bracelet, and the restringing process.

Sweetie bracelets are silver bracelets, made up of thin sterling silver rings, strung on an elastic. They’re cute and have the option to add charms to them, but as with all things on a string, they’re not exactly durable. Links of London recommends getting them restrung once a year, but you can tell when it’s time because the string gets worn down, yellow, and nasty.

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So when the time comes, grab your Stretch Magic 1mm Cord, and get stringing:

Step 1: Take way more string than necessary and double it to make a horseshoe.

Step 2: Start by the LoL bead- it’s easiest to keep track of.

You can see how much slack their is in the string from how worn down it was.

Step 3: Start threading the ends (simultaneously) of the magic cord through the rings, starting on the first silver ring past the big bead.

Step 4: Go through the entire bracelet and make sure you don’t miss any rings. Once you get to the end, tie the the two strings together. Double knot it and pull tight as you can.

Step 5: Isolate the nasty old string and cut it (be careful not to cut your new, clean string).

Step 6: You’re good to go- your bracelet will definitely feel tighter and like new again, but will give over time 

If you’re more of a video person, this guy does a great job of explaining how to do it as well.

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