Fridge Organization


I see everything around the home as one big Tetris puzzle, and I’m constantly looking for ways to reorganize everything to fit better. My fridge is no exception, and I try to keep it as functional- as it is visually pleasing. It’s really not hard to keep things organized once you have a system in place.

Starting with the door, your condiment vessel. I like to keep mine separated by specialty condiments, spicy ones, and Asian on the top shelf. The middle shelf is reserved for everyday use, broth, cream, salad dressing, sandwich and burger condiments.

The bottom shelf we use for beverages.
Note: You can use the top covered shelf for butter.. but it also doubles as great storage for extra condiments on the go. 


I try to keep my top shelf for dairy products used often, and things with a very short shelf life. For example, leftovers, sushi or avocados

The middle shelf is used for that week’s mains. Usually my proteins, or as pictured here… Some raw meat, pasta and dessert.

I usually use the bottom shelf for meal preps, but this weekend was a produce filled one, and the fridge reflected that. I also store all foods with a long, refrigerated shelf life here. As for the drawers, there’s no real rhyme or reason to it. I try to keep smaller veggies on the left, and larger packages and milk on the right.


Below are some pictures of what a different week might look like. The method behind your organization doesn’t matter, but your execution does. Happy organizing!



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